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FFFF bring Critical Mass to Frome

Members of Frome Families For the Future set up a Critical Mass initiative in Frome.

Critical Mass is a form of direct action in which people travel as a group on bikes at a set location and time. The idea is for people to group together to make it safe for each other to ride bicycles through their streets, based on the old adage: there's safety in numbers.

Critical Mass events highlight the numbers of people who want to use their bike on the streets, but are usually unable to do so without risking their safety. They are a call to action to councils, governments and road planners to properly and thoughtfully design in the safety of all road users, including those who would prefer to walk and cycle, instead of prioritising motor traffic above all else.

You can find out more about Critical Mass Frome through their Facebook Page

FFFF members Beck and Charlotte preparing Critical Mass flags

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