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Frome Hoedown

Members of Frome Families For the Future (FFFF) regularly take part in Frome Hoedown. This initiative takes place on the last Sunday of every month and encourages local people to take to the street to tidy up, litter pick and cut back weeds. This process is labour intensive but a lot of fun, and a great way to meet your neighbours! Until Frome Hoedown began the local council was using harmful pesticides to keep back weeds.

Members of FFFF and others from Frome Hoedown cleaning up the steps of St John's Church, Frome

Frome has now been Roundup free for over 18 months :)

If you're interested in taking part please join their group on Facebook:

FFFF wholeheartedly supports (and enjoys) this initiative, and has even managed to persuade our small humans to join in - a great way to learn about caring for and managing our local environment.

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