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It's getting political...

We're getting excited for the Somerset Hustings this Sunday!

Elections for the Somerset Unitary Authority are coming up on the 5th May. This is a new authority that will be amalgamation of the previous 5 district and county councils (the decision to amalgamate was made by the government, and residents were given no say over the decision, which in our opinion is extremely undemocratic but we'll just have to work with it for now).

It is an exciting time though as for once no-one has any idea which way the elections will go (although of course there are plenty of predictions). Whatever happens we want to ensure that councillors are prepared to tackle the climate crisis, and we hope to build constructive relationships with our local councillors to support them in doing this.

Frome Families For the Future are off to the Hustings on Sunday and with a bit of luck we'll be able to pose a question about the climate emergency.

We have also emailed all our local candidates asking them to commit to the following pledges:

  • Would you be willing to declare a climate emergency?

  • Will you pursue a planning agenda that focuses on tackling climate change?

  • Would you be willing to eradicate single plastic use?

  • If elected would you meet with Frome Families For the Future to discuss the importance of the climate emergency?

So far we've had a response from Shane Collins (GREEN PARTY, FROME EAST) who has not only committed to these pledges but outlined how he's also been working on the above points as a Mendip District Councillor :) Which is impressive, we're looking forward to hearing the responses from all of the candidates.

Frome Families For the Future have been working closely with Hope For The Future to plan these actions. They are a fantastic charity who aim to get local people to engage with their elected representatives to take action on climate change. They work very hard to ensure positive working relationships are made and maintained, and we highly recommend checking them out

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