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Tents to Totes

Tents are fabulous things, they can turn a field into your home for the night and make family holidays affordable (as long as the weather holds out) but unfortunately once they get a rip or hole their life as a tent is generally over and they end up in the bin. The average tent weighs 3.5k and is mostly made of plastic, that’s the equivalent of 8,750 drinking straws.

However tent fabric is lightweight, strong and waterproof so perfect for turning into reusable shopping bags!

On Thursday 9 May we ran a “Tents to Totes” workshop at the incredible Make:Shed in the Edventure building.

We had an excellent night, with participants of all different sewing abilities (including someone who had never even touched a sewing machine before!)

Everyone achieved so much and left with a practical bag ranging from a big multi strapped fully lined beach bag to a simple shopping bag. All from a material that would have gone in the bin!

Written by BB, FFFF member and Founder of Little Brown Fox

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