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Trip to 42 Acres

We were delighted to be invited to spend a lovely morning at 42 Acres, the rewilding wellness retreat near Witham Friary. Despite its name, the reserve actually covers a vast 173 acres of wild spaces, ancient woodland, and a stunning 7-acre lake.

It was a beautifully sunny April morning and we enjoyed a guided walk. Moving at a pace suitable for little legs meant that we had plenty of time to appreciate the bustling nature surrounding us. The kids had a great time spotting animal tracks (and droppings!), climbing a magical treehouse, and listening to the sounds of the ancient woodland.

Many of us are passionate about our River Frome, so it was great to see where it begins its journey.

But the absolute highlight of our visit was seeing the habitat of the local beavers. These incredible animals have built their lodge on the edge of the stunning lake and have been working hard to build damns and create wetlands, a sight not seen in this country for centuries. It was truly a privilege to witness signs that they are back and thriving!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to imagine a future where spaces like this are more widely available and accessible for everyone? 

Written by Georgie, FFFF member

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